Closed Caption/Subtitle File Tutorials

A friend of mine produces an outdoors show for several media outlets. Many years ago he was required to include closed captions in his programs due to new FCC regulations. This added a great bit of expense to his shoe string budget operation. He finally purchased a software program that was over a thousand dollars at the time, plus the time he had to put into transcribing the audio and building the captions. I always thought this was a lot of trouble for a very small segment of the population that would take advantage of this feature, but that’s the government.
When Youtube added the automatic captions feature, I thought this may be a way to help my friend out. The captions were surprisingly close and only need a little bit of editing to correct them. That was a few years ago and my suggest didn’t go anywhere, so now I decided to put together a set of tutorials on how to accomplish this. Let me know if you find them helpful.

Embedding Closed Captions (Subtitles) into a Video File

Convert Captions/Subtitle file to another format

Stripping Timecode info from a caption/subtitle file

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