iPad Stop Motion Experiement

During my summer vacation week I set out to create a stop motion video using only my iPad Air for the complete production. This is what I came up with:

Here’s a view of the setup:

The news in the early part of the summer was all about shark attacks, so I thought it fitting to do a quick humorous animation on that theme. I conceived the idea before I went on vacation, so I had a pretty good idea about what I was going to attempt.

Apps used were:
Stop Motion Studio Pro,
iMovie and
Documents 5 (for downloading sfx from freesound.org).

Sound effects used: Dinosaur Growl from iMovie,
from Freesound.org: 67046__gmni__bamboo.wav, 191444__john-sipos__beach-goers-and-surf.mp3, 222022__anas76__burp.wav, 264122__kessir__digging-a-clay-pot-out-of-sand.wav.

First off it’s awful hard to set up the ipad as a camera. I had to fashion a stand by cutting up two styrofoam cups. You can see a picture of the “set” here:

I’ve created a few stop motion things in the past but I’m certainly don’t do it enough to get the “feel” for how much to move the objects for each frame. So I was just hoping for the best, all in all it turned out pretty good. Stop Motion Studio is not a bad little app, although I did not realize that the zoom feature was a digital zoom, hence the blockiness on a couple of shots. Honestly, I don’t understand digital zoom, except for just using a camera as a telescope or something, it’s worthless as a production tool.

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